we are

lighting designers

light     brings architecture to life

What drives us?

we are     lighting designers

lighting design     is the art of creating atmospheres

we bring     architecture to life

atmospheres     translate architecture and light into human feelings

we create     wellbeing, excitement

wellbeing, excitement

we are     light

What describes us?

we are     light creatives

we are     light thinkers

we are     light addicts

we are     light translators

we are     light enthusiats

we are     light musketeers

we are     all yours

Light is our passion, our language, it is our tool to transform architecture into spaces creating atmospheres. Light does not equals light, light is manifold, and so is architecture. The detail makes the difference, and light quality is what we care about.

Our credo is "One for all, all for one and all for the project." We are convinced that collaboration is the key and synergy is the goal. Our strength is the interdisciplinary teamwork that combines forces,

inspires creativity and benefits the project.

We design with, not for our clients, always according to your individual ideas and budget. Independently of manufacturers, we support you with all our technical experience and market knowledge to get the best result at the lowest rate.

lighting design     for all planning and construction phases

ship specification     consultancy in defining your needs

light evaluation     on-site light measurements and assessment

light concepts     presenting options of lighting features

light simulations     calculations according to international norms

light planning     creating light drawings, specifications and tables

collaboration     meetings, mock-ups, pricing

site supervision     installation, approval, documentation

fine-tuning     adjustments, scene-setting

What do we offer?

for cruise-ship newbuilds, refits and landbased projects

Vincent Krohn     Owner, Project Director

Karl Schaper     Project Manager

Vera Stammen     Lighting Designer

Who are we?

Dipl. Ing. Media Technology

B. Sc. Media Technology

B. A. Architecture

M. A. Architectural Lighting Design

M. A. Architectural Lighting Design